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Waste Connections offers organic waste collection and recycling services to customers throughout the MetroVancouver region.

We make organics recycling easy.
  • Our local associates analyze your waste streams and define an actionable organics recycling plan.
  • We educate your team using proven training and support materials.
  • We come right to your doorstep with containers that are specially designed to lock down organic material and provide ease of access for your staff.
  • We can provide programs that include organics bin deodorizers and pest control features. We can also show you how to minimize overall waste disposal and service costs.
  • We collect organics and bring them to our local facilities where they are converted into compost, energy, and other usable products.
Choose the number of organics totes you need in the following sizes:
  • 20 gallon
  • 32 gallon
  • 64 gallon

Separate your food and organic waste from your regular waste stream.

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